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You give me hope

I pick up day old doughnuts and pastries at a very generous coffee shop in the city, and have done so at this one location for about six or seven months. It is unusual in that the special care they take of the left over product: most other donations of a similar nature usually result […]

Imagine A World With More HOPE

This is George Frederic Watts 1886 painting, "Hope." Hope is sitting on a globe, blindfolded, clutching a wooden lyre with only one string left intact. She sits in a hunched position, with her head leaning towards the instrument, perhaps so she can hear the faint music she can make with the sole remaining string. This […]

What Is Small Is Big

When I speak to new volunteers about what they can expect when they begin volunteering with us, I often say that you never know just how deeply you are affecting lives. The smallest of gestures – a smile, a conversation, a shoulder to cry on – means so much to someone in need. And when […]


  One day, I had gone to the grocery to purchase produce for our Tuesday Drop In at Dominion Chalmers United Church and I had lacked judgment on how much I could carry. Struggling with my multiple bags and juggling my coffee to boot, a lovely woman panhandling offered to help me carry my load. I […]


You might have noticed something different on our webpage.... Yep, the Passion 4 Youth Fine Arts Program got a facelift! We are now known as: Innercity Arts. We have a new name and a new logo. It is time for new vision for our program and we feel that Innercity Arts really epitomizes who we are in a […]

Crossing boundaries as an outreach worker.  Be prepared for the whole story

Well it had to be written about; crossing boundaries. How does an outreach worker stay neutral in the face of adversity? How do you face hardships and sorrows day in and day out without needing to do something more? How many times can you hand a kid a sandwich and walk away knowing they will […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

So far my four months on staff at OIM has been a great life experience. With the support of a great staff and the guidance of Moira Davis (Youth Outreach Worker), my transition from volunteer to paid staff has been a smooth one. The staff at OIM has been warm and inviting to me and […]