Sasha’s Story: Episode Two, Hard Beginnings

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      Episode #2 Sasha's Story

We lived in a rough neighbourhood called the ‘Courts’ in Saint John.  That’s where the refugees are.   We played baseball with sticks and once I was hit in the eye with a stick with a nail in it.

What first got me to the streets was prostitution.  My dad prostituted me out.  My dad raped me when I was six, seven and eight, and I had a child by my dad.


When I was twelve I went to juvenile school for two years.  One place they gave me shock treatments.  Then back home. I had my first son when I was fifteen.  They took him for adoption right away. 


It wasn’t long after that that I left home. I was going out for milk, bread and cigarettes and I never came back.


I ended up working the streets in Moncton.  I was using the needle hard then. Then I left there and worked the transport trucks to Montreal, Vancouver, Grand Prairie and all over. I ended up in Ottawa.


I left my kids in Nova Scotia: I was too screwed up to look after them. I don’t contact them, it’s too much. I can’t.  My three boys went for adoption.


It’s really hard. People look down on you and want something and well… I just can’t.


I don’t want my kids to know about me, about my HIV – ever!


Next Week:. Hard life on the Streets. Hard core drug use. Attempted suicide. Some people came alongside to help.

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