I lost a piece of my heart…

Today I lost another piece of my heart.  That’s what I feel when I meet someone who just makes me want to weep.

Today I met Constantine….a proud man with a proud name.  He tells me he is seventy years young.  He tells me he is a descendant of Constantine the Great.  He is Romanian he says and has been here for many years, fleeing persecution in his native land.  He says his family left behind is better off without him, he must leave so they can be safe.  He tells me he has been here for many years but has only been on the streets a few months.  He says that mold was discovered in his apartment, that it was making him sick but no one did anything about it.  He tells me he suffered a small stroke and that scared him.  He left his apartment, for good.  Now he’s on the streets.  He has trouble finding food that he can eat because he can’t cook on the streets and his doctor has told him to not eat salt as it’s making him sick.  His legs are swollen from water retention.  He prays.  He thanks God he says every morning when he wakes up.  Thanks Him that he made it through another night.  He’s cold.  He’s wearing three jackets and three scarves today but he is still cold.  He says he has lost about fifty pounds since September, since he’s been on the streets.  He says he has hope though.  He’s pretty sure he’ll be getting another place in a couple of weeks.  He prays it is mold free.  I pray it is too Constantine.

There is something wrong with this world when we allow a seventy year old man with multiple health issues to sleep on the street.

Today I lost another piece of my heart.  I think maybe God did too……

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  1. Rick C
    Rick C says:

    Today, I had a lunchtime errend. Again it happened. I smiled at a guy and he asked me to spare a $20. I passed a very young girl sitting on a doorstep. I would have stopped but another woman was talking to her and seemed to be helping. I passed a couple addicts sitting with cups and I looked into there eyes and I felt it. I know what you mean when you feel you lost a piece of your heart. I work downtown and I’m haunted by the faces of the homeless that I pass every day. And there are so many of them. Each one, a person and a soul, who deserves some happiness and human comfort but for unfortuate circustance is out there. Faces filled with desperation and loneliness. So much needless suffering. I lay awake at night seeing them in my mind and search for what to do to help them. For I know that I could be them, except for luck and God’s mercy. And if I was out there, how I would want someone to rescue me.
    But I’m also a father on a limited budget, with a busy family that needs and deserves so much of what I have to give. I have followed OIM for years, visited your Bank St office and handed out some of your cards to a couple desperate few. But now I need to do more. I love your new website. I will submit a volunteer application and see what happens.
    God bless the OIM staff.

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