heARTfelt Thursdays: Male Figure in Blue

Painting - Acrylic - Male Figure Blue


Claudia grew up in a home with drugs and conflict, prompting her to leave at the age of 17. Claudia ended-up on the streets and using drugs. She joined the P4Y program two years ago and has been a committed member ever since.

Though she had done art prior to joining the art group she had never made space in her life to engage with art as she does today. She is often seen leaving covered in paint, having created some wild and meaningful abstract piece.

This piece of work represents a man in her life who has made a significant impact. It is the first piece in a series she is completing.

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  1. Debby
    Debby says:

    This is a striking painting. Although I know nothing about abstract, to me, the dark background is being transformed by “the male in blue”, who is bringing light to the surface. Just my uneducated guess, but I love the painting and can’t wait to see more from you Selina! I believe you have a God given gift. 🙂

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