Mural Reflections

The Passion 4 Youth Fine Arts Program spent the summer painting a mural on the wall of Trinity Anglican Church. It was an amazing experience.

Below are two reflections on the project:

On the right in a drawing by one of the P4Y artists, which depicts herself painting the mural.

On the left is a poem written for the mural unveiling by Jamaal Jackson Rogers.

Thank you both for sharing with us.

BRIDGE OF FAITH– by Jamaal Jackson Rogers 20140917_150339

From the moment that we realize
That our pens, pages, voices, stages
And a little bit of spray from an aerosol can
Creates art
It’s like magic
Manifesting in even the most unsuspecting of places
It’s as if our eyes have turned on a silent inner light
Of faith
And beauty
A bridge for which our hearts can find comfort in community and a place to call our own
In a second
The landscape of a forgotten brick wall can become the vibrant canvas of which youth can call home
An abandoned language
Spoken in splashes of camaraderie
Between the sinews of streets and shops and churches
Whispered in wisps of concrete sermons
To bring life back to the seemingly bleak and obsolete
Giving birth to purpose and legacy
You see
It was never about how we find refuge when the world seems so dark
And dull
For the lovers of life
And the crafters of art
Can take just one thought and turn it into actions of love and brilliance and truth
For truth can be seen
And has been said can set you free
So if we agree
Then I ask us to look
With our hearts wide open at the scene that has come together
Built through movements of giving, selflessness, dedication, respect, understanding, activism
And discover how faith and beauty intersect by a little bit of spray from an aresol can
Look at how life is a like a journey on the longest bridge we will ever have to cross
And with the blessings of art
It won’t be so hard
We will rediscover what puts the passion in compassion
Marvel at the wonder and awe of the subtle lines and wavy curves of the human condition
Revel at the power of the robust colours that hold the secrets to our universal connection
But I ask you to not stand still
Eventually I want nothing more than all of us to travel in succession
From our alienated lives of dust, wood and concrete
Into a congregate existence of unity, harmony and positivity
There is hope
In the eyes of the young who know what it’s like to be found but once was lost
There is hope
In the elders who have much to give from the experiences they carry in their palms
There is hope
And the miracle of it all is that you don’t have to search very far
You don’t have to be a scholar graduated from Harvard or own a Bank account that holds plenty of dollars
Because hope lies right here
In this moment
At the feet of life’s bridge that joins abstract and simplicity
Fantasy and reality
Stories and history
Self-expression and self-reflection
So today let us honour the citizens of our society
Who have strived to make a mural that represents a philosophy of mutual solidarity
Those who have called our minds eye to look again
To find meaning in these streets
A renewed belief composed in a house of paint where we can set the burdens of our differences free
That faith, beauty, hope, art
Can spark change
Inside and out.



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