The Gift of Generosity

LauraTerryOne of the greatest sources of fulfillment working at OIM is the relationships we get to build with our street-engaged community. Terry is one of the incredible people OIM has had the privilege of building a relationship with over the years. She has been a faithful helper to the staff at OIM. Whether it be preparing lunch at drop-in on Tuesdays, setting up for stop-in on Wednesdays and Thursdays, or organizing clothing donations, she has always been willing to extend a helping hand to serve the needs of others despite the hardships she faces. This past Christmas was another time when Terry’s generosity towards people was highlighted. During an earlier conversation with Terry, she shared that her heart had been stirred with compassion towards those who did not have a family to spend Christmas with or the means to enjoy a special dinner. For this reason, she decided to reach out to some of her street friends in the community by inviting them to her home for Christmas dinner. While Terry could have overlooked the lonely and the hungry, she decided to pass on the gift of kindness to others by including them as a part of her family. What a beautiful gift to give someone at Christmas! I’m sure the effects of Terry’s generosity will resonate in the hearts of these street friends for years to come. We are very proud of you, Terry!

Laura G

Third Year Social Work, Carleton U

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