Prayer Request

It was a particularly cold night on outreach last week when we came across Brian. It was our first time meeting Brian – who informed us he would be sleeping outside that night. I shivered at the thought – I was freezing cold and had only been outside for about half an hour. We offered him things to help him stay warm – gloves, a hat, a sleeping bag, a cup of hot chocolate.

But Brian said “You know what would help keep me warm? A prayer. Would you pray with me?”

We knelt down with Brian as he led us in prayer. He thanked God for His love, and all He has done for Brian. He then asked God for help to overcome his addiction.

Brian thanked us for our prayers, and we told him we would continue to pray.

If you’re reading this, say a prayer for Brian.

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  1. L
    L says:

    Please pray for my Son and me.
    There are a few things going on.
    Also, our lease is up on April 30th.
    I need to find a Great place and have enough for first and last.
    Work has been slow and me and all workers have had their hours reduced.
    Please pray for us!!
    Thank you and
    God Bless you!!

  2. Terri
    Terri says:

    This touches my heart. LORD God of heaven, please bless Brian, your beloved child.
    Help him keep safe and warm, and help him to be free. Put your healing and deliverance
    angels all around him, and Psalm 91 protection over him. And most of all, Your loving
    Presence to envelop him and to hold his heart.

  3. michael nainaar
    michael nainaar says:

    please pray for my mum. she in coma from 10 feb 2019. she has brain damage and kidney failure. i,m sure this is not the will of God to see his child to suffer.praying for his will

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