Hope Trumps All

Innercity Arts program - Ottawa Innercity MinistriesThe definition of hope is as such:

Noun:  The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Other words describing hope? Belief, confidence, desire, expectation, faith, goal, optimism, wish.

That’s a BIG responsibility for such a small word…yet that’s exactly what our youth find at the Innercity Arts program. The word reminds me of our beloved 2-pound family pet Chihuahua named Princess; small but mighty.

Like all of us, our youth need encouraging words, community, safety, acceptance for who they are and the reminder that during the hard times there is hope and better circumstances waiting after the storms have settled.

Innercity Arts is my personal favourite place to be. Watching hearts and lives slowly transform as the youth learn to trust and open to the staff and volunteers who have been hand-picked to love and support them.

To be completely honest…they are my teachers. They have taught me what resilience of the human spirit looks like, what true community should be defined as, what real art looks like and how it should be more appreciated.

And they have also shown me how hope should always be at the forefront of our thoughts and the first words that roll off of our tongues….because watching the transformation come from it is breathtaking.

~Bonnie, Staff





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  1. Elsie Bouwman
    Elsie Bouwman says:

    Thank you for this message of hope. Our grandparents were Oma and Opa from the Netherlands. They had immigrated to Ontario, Canada in the 1950’s. We lived as a family in the east end of Hamilton and they, in the west end of Hamilton. Wonderful is remembering what Oma would write in a card or say to us often: “All the best!” That my Oma’s expression of hope to us!!

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