Colour Outside of the Lines

Colour-Outside-The-LinesThe world is full of high expectations. Get a higher education they say, then drive this year’s model high end car and get a job with a large firm.
The bar is set so high; it’s unattainable for most. What if – just for a brief moment – one’s value came from simply being the best version of oneself? 
Every single one of us was woven in our mother’s womb by the very skilled and loving hand of God. Each and every one of our lives designed for a specific and wonderful plan and purpose…none of which has anything to do with material objects or high social standards. The bravest, most honest, resilient, kind and loving people I have the joy of being in community with posses none of the things the world says they should. 
On Monday mornings the Innercity Freedom Group meets to support and lean on one another in a safe place, sharing whatever is buggin’ us.
We watch a video and do some cool art to express ourselves. Here we have no set bars or standards, we just take the 1st steps to living life One Day At A Time. Here we encourage each other to colour outside of the lines and celebrate it!
  • Innercity Freedom Group meets Monday mornings from 10-11:30am.


~Bonnie, Staff




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