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Colour Outside of the Lines

The world is full of high expectations. Get a higher education they say, then drive this year’s model high end car and get a job with a large firm.   The bar is set so high; it’s unattainable for most. What if – just for a brief moment – one’s value came from simply being […]

Pancakes and Paintbrushes

They get up early… something that’s not in their nature or character; mornings just aren’t their thing. Brushing the experiences of the previous night off their faces, putting on possibly the only set of clothing they own; making their way to a place of love and acceptance for who they are. The Innercity Freedom Group […]

The Four Stages

The monarch butterfly is a glorious creature to behold. If you’ve ever witnessed it’s beauty, watching it in flight is a vision you don’t forget.   However, to get to that point in its life there’s a journey and a fight requiring strength and determination.   There are 4 stages in the life cycle of […]

Unicorns & Dragons

  Do you believe in unicorns, jackalopes, fairies, protective dragons, leprechauns at the end of rainbows, singing frogs and baby pigs that dance the jig?   Until 4 years ago my eyes were glued wide shut; to be fixed only on the narrow views seen straight in front with no peripheral options. Thinking there was […]

Resilient Heroes

Resiliency is the ability to recovery readily after being bent or stretched from adversity. I have about 50 heroes in my life; all of which come from the Ottawa Innercity Arts program. A hero is a person noted for courageous acts and that’s exactly what the street-engaged youth at our art program are. These young […]

Behold, Real Art

Out of pure curiosity I browsed around on Google yesterday checking out the value of the top 10 paintings at The National Art Gallery here in Ottawa. I encourage you to explore the same in your spare time; some of it is definitely interesting. Most of the paintings and art work exhibited there cannot be […]

Hope Trumps All

The definition of hope is as such: Noun:  The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Other words describing hope? Belief, confidence, desire, expectation, faith, goal, optimism, wish. That’s a BIG responsibility for such a small word…yet that’s exactly what our youth find at the […]

Come As You Are

Music playing in the back ground. The rustling of voices. Some laughing, some random chattering. The room is filled with various hues of paint color and textures of fabric. The faint smell of burning wood can be detected in the air. A large plate of home-cooked dinner awaits, with plenty more for seconds and take-home […]