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What an incredibly warm summer we have been experiencing!  I was visiting with an outreach team recently as they were preparing to go out and meet with our street friends.  This winter, we purchased a couple of knapsacks for the teams to use for the heavier items such as water bottles and juice boxes.  I […]

Does it really?

Money makes the world go around – or so we have been told. Many of us spend a great deal of our time in our lives selling our labour to make money. Money can be earned, lost, saved and spent. Time is the great equalizer. God has given us all 24 hours each day. Time […]

Prayer for a friend..

Another quick story for you about our friend Ron.  Remember I told you about how much he loves to talk?  Well, he was at our office stop in a week or so ago, chatting with our volunteer Barb.  I’m usually pretty busy at my desk doing paper work and answering phones so a lot of […]

“He has his father’s eyes”

A common and cute sentiment that is often expressed over babies. Or his mother’s nose, or her uncle’s cheekbones, etc. It is wonderful to look at a new-born, and to rapturously search the face for those oh so familiar details – we see reflected there not just the memory of someone we love, but its […]

He comes for the conversation…

Ron was at the office stop in this morning, enjoying lots of coffee and some wonderful donated treats of cake and cookies.  There was laughter and good natured teasing and lots of chatting.  That’s really why he comes he tells me…for the chatting, for someone to talk to him and laugh with him.  He loves […]

We all need friends…

  Let’s give a shout out to Albert Camus! This early 20th Century philosopher had a lot of ups and downs in life, and among other things gifted us with the following quote:   “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside […]

We miss you…

Hey!  Carl!  Carl, where are you?  Where did you go?  Did you move away?  Did you find housing?  Are you clean from drugs and alcohol?  Are you safe?  Are you warm?  Are you with friends?  Are you well?  Carl, I miss you….where are you? This is sometimes the reality of our work.  We get close […]


So last week the Wednesday night group got SOAKED (during that big rainstorm) on our evening walk-around. I mean drenched. I’ve seriously been less wet in the shower than I was out on the street last week. “Oh well!” I thought to myself “At least we’ll have a pretty quick tour, most people will have […]

A clip and a prayer

Leo is one of the ’rounders’ at OIM (‘been around a long time) and comes weekly to catch up and connect with our people.  Life was very difficult for him as he was growing up (the details are really too messy to go into-seriously) and he has been trying to cope with life ever since. […]

He Changed My Mind

Before I started volunteering with Ottawa Innercity Ministries, I lived downtown.  Several days a week I would find myself strolling by a homeless person, refusing to stop and avoiding eye contact. I believed many stereotypes to be true back then – to me, it was ‘better’ for them if I didn’t give them any money […]