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Even The ‘Unlovable’

If anyone has spent enough time serving those experiencing poverty and homelessness, you will know it is not for the faint of heart. I’m not talking about the stories of trauma, tragedy or loss which I have – sadly – come to expect.  No, I’m talking about something a little more delicate.  It’s the experience […]

Nurturing God’s Creation

Each spring, my wife and I find joy in feeding the birds that frequent our large rural Ottawa backyard. Together we peer out at our many-winged visitors through the kitchen window or separately through the patio doors. Species include beloved cardinals, chickadees, doves and nuthatches. Uninvited, yet equally welcome, guests are feisty red squirrels and their […]

Innercity Arts Show 2018

Thank you!  Innercity Arts would like to thank everyone who came out to our annual art show and auction at the Lansdowne Horticulture Building on May 10th.  It was an awesome event with a collaborative art piece being created, musical performances, spoken word poetry, and $1860 worth of art was sold!  A special thank you […]

Final Day of 30 Days of Prayer

Listen this morning as Executive Director, Ken MacLaren, shares the latest news about the Ministry’s most pressing need:  Office Space.  Click on the image below and hear Ken speak: Join us TODAY as staff and volunteers pray for office space for this ministry!  30 Days of Prayer, 30 Seconds Each Day, In Honour of Our 30th […]

One night on outreach…

It was one of those weird weather nights. It was spring and yet we were in the middle of a snow storm. During our weekly outreach evening down in the city’s core, we met up with Jane. She was being bullied by the guy she was with and she was freezing cold. We invited her […]

Every Life Has A Story

We see and hear a lot as we serve in this ministry. And although we’ve come to expect that everyone’s life story is unique in its twists and turns, that expectation does not prevent us from experiencing surprise or sadness at hearing it.   One of these uniquely complex stories involve a gentleman by the […]

Small Gestures

When I speak to new volunteers about what they can expect, I often say that even the smallest gestures – a smile, a conversation, a shoulder to cry on – can mean so much to someone in need. I was reminded of this recently when a former client called us from Toronto.  She and her […]