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All that we have

We get the most random requests at the office. I have been asked if we had the following items from different people who have come to our door at different times. Things like:  pens, garbage bags, aluminum foil, forks, folders, light bulbs, notepads, calendars, paper clips, boxes, triple A batteries…Things that I take for granted […]

Week 4 – 30 Days of Prayer

Listen this morning as Executive Director, Ken MacLaren, shares the latest news about the Ministry’s most pressing need:  Office Space.  Click on the image below and hear Ken speak: Join us TODAY as staff and volunteers pray for office space for this ministry!    30 Days of Prayer, 30 Seconds Each Day, In Honour of Our […]

Ottawa Emergency Services – Thank You!

You never know what to expect on street outreach. Some days are uneventful; others are not. One chilly Sunday afternoon early in April our team crossed Dalhousie Street at Rideau. There in front of a popular cafe, amidst the hustle and bustle of shoppers, lay a big man. No one else seemed to notice him. […]

Living In The Fullness of What God Has

Inside, where no one can see, there is a gentle, caring, tender soul.  Freddy has a soft spot for animals and yet is intimidated by power tools.  On the outside, where the world can see, Freddy can at times appear to be wound too tight and ready to explode. Freddy is not a person with […]

More Than Meets The Eye

I ran into one of our clients (or ‘street friends’ as we often like to say). It happened as I got on the bus, looking for an empty seat. “There she is!” I heard someone say. It was Ted. He was sitting alone. The bus was crowded, cramped, in fact. But Ted had an empty […]

“I just wanted to do something normal.”

Lindsay walked through the doors of the art room and I immediately felt relieved. We hadn’t seen her in months. I had been asking around about her and checking out her normal hang out spots but no one had seen her. I’d even called the hospitals and checked obituaries, fearing the worst. We were so […]

The Freedom To Ask

At the office we have people coming to our door every day. They often ask for the most basic necessities: food, toiletries, sleeping bags. Anything that can help. We try to provide them with essential things to survive. Sometimes we don’t have much, but what we do have people are grateful to receive. One day […]