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How do you encourage change?

Working with at-risk and homeless youth can sometimes be very discouraging.  You watch youth go through cycle after cycle of dysfunction and lack. We watch them struggle with mental health issues, addictions issues, interpersonal relationships, housing issues, and financial struggles.  We know that we can’t change anything for them. We can be there to support […]

Giving Their Time

A few weeks ago a handful of our youth participated in a fundraiser for Attawapiskat. Attawapiskat is a small northern Ontario community which has declared a state of emergency due to the large volume of suicide attempts from their population. Our youth felt the pull to show support for the youth in this small community. […]


There’s a big development happening right now on social media. It’s called the MotherLove project. It was started by Ladies who Lunch originator Catherine Landry in support of the Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba. The Cree Nation is facing a suicide epidemic. Six youth suicides in the past three months; 140 people attempting or threatening […]

The state of metal health services for homeless youth

We see so many of our youth struggling with mental health issues. A major disorder that we see is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to traumas at home, school and the streets. Not a lot of people associate PTSD with youth. This is a disorder usually associated with soldiers and trauma of war.  The […]

Tiffany Smith Portraits

It’s been so busy around OIM lately, especially with the P4Y program. That’s why it has taken this long to acknowledge this woman. I want you all to meet Tiffany. Tiffany is a kind, creative, loving and fun woman who is also an exceptional photographer. I planned on having our youth photographed. I wanted lifestyle […]