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Just a couple of Canadians (eh?), talking on the bus.

I ran into one of our clients the other day. It happened as I got on the bus & looked around for an empty spot. “There she is!” I heard someone say. It was Ted. He was sitting alone. The rest of the bus was crowded, cramped. But Ted had an empty seat on his […]


She has little to live on and visits our drop-in each week to get by.  She comes also to our office for our two weekly ‘stop-ins’ to chat and have a cup of coffee.  She is a lovely lady with a sweet disposition and a quiet, yet ever-present sense of humour.  She is careful not […]

From Homeless Teen to College Graduate

If you have been around long enough at OIM, you are likely aware of the story of ‘Samantha’ (not her real name). Samantha was the first youth to walk through the doors of our ‘Passion 4 Youth Fine Arts Program’ in 2009. She was a creative, friendly, big-hearted girl who had been given a hard […]

The Bump on the Wall

One sunny afternoon I was doing outreach, when I came across a man I’d never seen before. He was an older man, with a long grey beard, and he was sporting an old baseball cap. He was sitting on the sidewalk with a cup at his feet, smiling at everyone who passed by. I introduced […]

Above all, trust

When we think about transformed lives, we often think of the dramatic end result. Personal joy! Financial stability! Professional success! But as we know, most of life is a series of incremental changes.  We live moment to moment, day to day, and week to week refining our physical, psychological, and spiritual foundations. We are often […]

A few hands, a LOT of heart

Sitting in my work space this morning at our OIM office, I am reminded that the efforts of just a few, can often yield much. As a small charity, we have a ‘multi-use’ space, meaning it functions as a reception/drop-in/outreach/kitchen/storage/staff/community space throughout the week. And sometimes, when you catch us on a ‘typical’ day, the […]

Hope Springs…

“I am an alcoholic and drug addict,” Stan declared to the group. “Although I’ve been clean for five and a half years, I am in recovery and take things day by day.” It was this past Saturday that Stan, a formerly street-involved individual, spoke these words to our newest volunteers at our “Urban Intervention Training.” […]