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The Bike Ride

Surrounding my desk (besides swirling mounds of paperwork!) are the handwritten notes, cards, and sketches that I have received with a thankful heart from street-involved friends over the years. Some make me chuckle (like the cartoon portrait sketch of me with a Spock-like eyebrow raised!), while others offer profound insights on how “to live by […]

Every Heart Has a Story to Tell

Tonight, our ‘Urban Intervention Training’ for new volunteers will cover the topic of ‘the Story.’ It is far and away the most enlightening session of the course, helping volunteers understand the value of hearing our street friends’ stories, however painful they may be. This is because most do not have opportunities to tell their story. […]

A Change of Focus

When asked about the Passion 4 Youth Arts Program, I generally find myself bragging about the youth I work with, and going on and on about how amazing they are. What I notice, however, is that people are more interested in talking about the “results” of the program, rather than the youth themselves. “How many […]

Finding the Meaning

Occasionally we are blessed to read a book that has the rare power to change lives and and connect with a person’s heart and soul. Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” is one of those rare books. Although written nearly 70 years ago and depicting one person’s survival in the Nazi concentration camps it has […]