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Justice I

Biblical Justice as it is demonstrated towards the poor.  What’s that look like?  First the Old Testament: Historically we see the development of the children of Israel beginning as slaves in Egypt through the Exodus to their coming into the promised land.  No real class distinctions. Canaan/ Promised Land:  The land was allotted to every […]

Street Outreach Encounter

Allow me to divert from my traditional ‘blog’, and share an account from one of our Street Outreach teams: Scene 1:  Rideau Street McDonalds.  We had not seen Amy for about 18 months, but there she was!  We learned she has been in Montreal since we last met, but was just back on the streets […]

Haiti – All about perspective

Andre grimmaces as he describes his personal agony about Haiti.  His pain is evident in his countenance.  Twice in our conversation, he has to stop talking and choke back the emotion. “We have so much here. We are so rich. We have so much.” Haiti is an unfathomable tragedy. It’s almost surreal, and we are overwhelmed in our thinking by the […]