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Changing the Legacy of Youth Homelessness

How can we change the legacy of youth homelessness in Ottawa? This is a complicated question with an array of possible answers. Back in June, we partnered with A Way Home Ottawa and set up a table at Glowfair. We asked people to answer this question in just one sentence, and write it on a […]

Art Show

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Innercity Arts Show on May 12th. What an amazing night!   Special thanks to Scotia Bank for sponsoring the event, and for the ongoing support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Art Show….Sneak Peak!

The youth of Innercity Arts have been working hard, creating some amazing art for the upcoming art show. Here’s a sneak peak! Please come out and show your support! Thursday May 12th from 6:30 pm-9:30 pm Lansdowne Horticulture Building 1525 Princess Patricia Way  


Although I consider myself a fairly competent adult, sometimes the youth in the art group ask me questions that leave me stumped – and I feel like I need to go find a “real” grown-up to help. This happened a few weeks ago when Mark asked me about credit checks. While I knew a little […]

A Volunteer’s Reflection

Lots of people tell me that they think I’m doing so much when they hear that I do street outreach with OIM. I go out each week to hand out sandwiches, socks and a kind word hoping to share the love of God and encourage people. But yesterday I ran into Sue who OIM has […]

Knowing You’re Loved

A few weeks ago, I was looking through an old box of memories from my childhood when I found this: It was a valentine I received when I was probably about 15, given to me by a friend named Rebecca. Rebecca was not a close friend of mine, but she took the time to make this for […]

Celiac on the Streets

Some people have a policy to only give food to panhandlers. Some even get offended if the panhandler rejects the offer of food. For these people, let me tell you about Sal…. Sal has struggled with homelessness for 5 years. She’s 20 now, and finally has an apartment – but she’s still struggling to make […]

Prayer Request

It was a particularly cold night on outreach last week when we came across Brian. It was our first time meeting Brian – who informed us he would be sleeping outside that night. I shivered at the thought – I was freezing cold and had only been outside for about half an hour. We offered him things […]

A Blessing on the Street

It was just a few days before Christmas and you could feel the hustle and bustle in the air. Everyone had somewhere to go so the streets were full of shoppers.  I was walking into work when I saw Laura. Laura is a youth on the streets who is heavily addicted to crack. She was […]

Get Me Out of Here…

My outreach team was downtown recently when we saw a large group of street friends ahead of us. There were about 10 men – they were drinking, yelling, listening to the loud music that was blasting from a stereo. We approached and started giving out outreach supplies. I noticed that in the center of the […]