Christmas Dinner On the Street:
A first-hand street level view.
Buy a Christmas Dinner for $3.47

Dear Friends,

My special ‘job’ at the Christmas Dinner (and all special events) is outside the church, chatting to people in the queue: “There's lots of food" I say, and, "It won’t be long now before we begin serving.”

It is the best job ever! I meet new people, reconnect with long time friends, hear what's happening on street level, along with varied and colorful conspiracy theories, and it's a reunion!

I get to share some good news: "There’s lots of food. We’re having hot turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, dinner roll, fresh pie and a bag of treats (I think it’s chocolate). I know things are tough now but here's hoping things will get better! Yes, we are coming back to the drop-in when we can. You guys look great. Anybody want hot chocolate while you’re waiting?"

The line is long (180 for Thanksgiving), and I find myself repeating my lines over and over again – and no one seems to mind! I think it only adds to the anticipation and excitement.

For just a brief moment of time, people forget about the problems, the pressures, and the pandemic, and light shines into darkness. Wonderful, smiling volunteers fill special orders (gluten free, vegetarian, etc.) and ask, “What kind of soft drink would you like?” It's a 'whole meal deal' in so many ways!

ALL because people like you really care. Your gift provides a meal and so much more!

For sure, the meal is important, and in my view, ranks second to the changes that come in people's perspectives, if only for a few moments. The stress and trouble of the last year and a half is still very much a reality for those on the streets, so when we
celebrate our Christmas meal together it's amazing!

‘Thank you’ for helping provide this year’s Christmas dinner, for only $3.47.

God Bless, Merry Christmas and the best to you in 2022!

Ken MacLaren
Executive Director


Dinner Details



When & Where?

Date: Tuesday January 18th 

Time: 1-3 pm

Where: Knox Presbyterian Church 120 Lisgar Street


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How Can I Volunteer?

Please contact our Operations Support, Gwynneth:

How Else Can I Help?

Please contact our Operations Support, Gwynneth, for our current food supply needs: