Wish to have a deeper understanding about homelessness in our city?  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to do so at “One Homeless Night.” This is ideal for youth groups or small groups who want to learn more about homelessness in Ottawa.

To book your group’s One Homeless Night experience, please contact our Youth Outreach Worker Moira Davis: moira_oim@rogers.com

The purpose of One Homeless Night is two-fold.

  • First, the program is designed to introduce individuals and groups to issues surrounding homelessness by giving them a first-hand experience of what it might be like to be homeless. Participants will do so through a multi-sensory learning experience. This will include stories, discussions and video as well as a self-guided tour of downtown Ottawa in small groups, in which each individual will carry all their overnight possessions with them, much like our homeless population living on the streets.
  • The second purpose behind One Homeless Night is to fundraise on behalf of OIM, to help with the financial burden associated with the many programs and care it provides for the many homeless and poor in the downtown core. As such, we ask for a minimum donation of $50 from each participant. This can come from a variety of donors, including friends and family and tax receipts can be issued.

There is no age requirement for this event although there is a mandatory minimum of one adult to every two youths on the self-guided tour downtown.

* Unsure what to expect? Read Pastor Ron’s reflection on his youths’ experience with OHN! *