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Our Tuesday door service provides emergency provisions such as food, clothing, pastoral care, and referrals.

Every Tuesday, OIM volunteers and staff help our street friends by giving them lunch, snacks, hygiene products, and food to be cooked later. Each person will tell our staff or volunteer what they want to order. 

We take several pre-orders each session and serve countless more who drop by to place an order. Our street friends often line up early, sometimes 15 minutes before we open, showing a desire to get food and essential items from us.

How it works

Pre-orders: Our street friends can call us before Tuesday at 1:00 pm to skip the line and immediately get their items when they arrive (on Tuesday between 1:00 and 3:00 pm). Our staff works hard to answer phones so all pre-orders are completed on time. Our street friends go through a list with our staff to discuss what they need and want. Once completed, the order is put in a folder and given to our volunteers to fill when they arrive.

Regular Orders: Our street friends are served at 1:00 pm and wait for our volunteers to take and fulfill orders. Our volunteers are split into two teams: taking and fulfilling orders. We have volunteers who speak with our street friends and ask them what they'd like, and once the order is placed, they bring it to our table volunteers, who then process it and give it to our other set of volunteers to fill it. Our volunteers who are filling orders go and hand-pick each item, ensuring each item is picked and nothing is missed. Once it's filled, the volunteer who filled the order goes outside to give our street friend their order.


When: Every Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Where: OIM's office (391 Gladstone Ave.).

Who can access it?

All are welcome. To pre-order with us, please call our office at 613-237-6031.

Statistics from Door Outreach 2023: 1. We served over 200 street friends each month at the door, serving up to 85 people weekly. 2. We gave out more than 5,600 hygiene products to our street friends, the highest number of any month. October was the highest month, with 658 items distributed. 3. In June, the busiest month of the year, we saw more than 300 street friends and gave out more than 250 lunches. 4: Throughout the year, we gave our street friends more than 13,000 pieces of clothing, food, and toiletries. We found that when people called to order, the most common request was socks.

Facts from our Door Outreach (2023)

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