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The Innercity Freedom Group provides community and support for individuals ages 16 to 32 dealing with anything from loneliness to addiction. Here, our main focus is to provide a safe place to share and grow into being the best version of ourselves. Confidentiality is, therefore, at the core of our community support.
At the Innercity Freedom Group we are all equal. We are not there to “fix” one another, but rather to listen and encourage. For those looking for more there is the option of one-on-one mentorship at the end of group time.

When does it take place?

Every Tuesday, the Innercity Freedom Group comes together from 10:00-11:30 am.  We use a combination of art, videos, worksheets and group sharing to take the first steps to learning to live one day at a time towards healing those hurting places in our lives.

For more information

Contact Kevin at 613-237-6031 or