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Are You Tired?

I wanted to share with you something that I heard in a devotional this morning which was very appropriate for where I am right now - people are tired. I am tired, my neighbour is tired (I know because I talked to her yesterday), and I’m sure a lot of people reading this are tired.

This devotional was based on 2 Samuel 23:14 & 15 where David is in a stronghold and desires water from the well in Bethlehem. David must have been exhausted and we know he was thirsty. How many strongholds had he been in in his life? He was waiting on the LORD, patiently trying to live how God wants him to and waiting on God’s promise.

We may not be in a cave fighting the Philistines (again) but we each have our own battles. So, what are we to do when we are tired and we seem stuck (maybe even stuck again)? We worship God where we are. God knows our circumstances - He wasn’t the tiniest bit surprised that David was in a stronghold and He is not surprised at your circumstances, no matter what they are.

We worship God, no matter what else is calling to us. We refuse to do things half-hearted. We refuse to give in to comfort, for comfort's sake. We get our peace and strength from God alone.

~Rosanne, Volunteer

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 26, 2021

Thanks for this Roseanne. These are trying (and tiring) days. A good word!

Blessings, Ken M

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