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Back to jail…

I once met a woman who was down and one of the lowest points of her life.  As we sat on the sidewalk sharing our time together, she began to cry silently.  We waited a few moments to see if she would regain her composure, but then began to cry harder while she struggled to describe her pain.  In short, this poor woman had been in and out of jail all of her life, and she was scheduled to go back for another 30-day stint.  “I’ve been locked up all my life, since I was a little girl, I don’t want to go back consequently became homeless.  She was headed for prison because she defended her friend in a fight.

These are some major issues I thought, all coming down on her at once.  In fact, many street friends whom I’ve met over the months have compounding crises like this lady does, so they have no choice but to be strong and resilient – but everyone has their breaking point.  We continued to talk with her trying to encourage her.  “We’ll pray for you”, we said.  “Thank you”, she replied.  Thankfully we remembered that, beyond all of the heartache and extreme adversity, she could count on God’s promise to be with her.  Please pray to God for this woman in her time of need.


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