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Easter is Coming!?

Easter, for Christians, is a sacred celebration. For me it is the most important date on the calendar. Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death for all who are willing to accept Him and repent. It’s a profound reminder of hope, redemption and new beginnings. As spring blooms around us, we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice and the promise of eternal life.

OK ... the official celebration of Easter might have come and gone for this year but at OIM we do not always conform. We try to do things that will offer the most impact for our Street Friends. Since there are several Easter meals offered by many caring groups over that special weekend, we plan our Easter Meal a couple of weeks later to extend the joy of the season.

This is a sit-down Easter Dinner with all the fixin’s, planned especially for our Street Friends!

We ensure we have proper table settings and adorn the room with the spirit of Easter, trying not to miss the special things like cards and placemats donated by individuals, churches, schools and other groups. These contain a special personalized message to every one our Street Friends to let them know they are not forgotten. In addition, and as important, lots of volunteers give their time to serve and have great conversations with our Street Friends during the meal.

We do our best to try and live up to OIM’s Mission and come alongside and support individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness, by demonstrating the message of Christ in action and word, showing compassion, and promoting self-esteem. At Easter, to me this means also spreading the joy of Christ's Resurrection to all in the room.

Happy Easter!

~Brian Griffin, Volunteer Coordinator

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