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Hope in the Heat

I love summer. I love the heat, the humidity, and the holidays. In summer days are longer, sunsets are spectacular, and excitement is everywhere.

Personally, this spring and summer have been ones of change, both high and low. This April I was fortunate to become part of the team at OIM. Coming from large corporations it has been refreshing and rousing to be part of a small staff and large volunteer base dedicated to changing the lives of those most vulnerable.

A most devastating low was the passing of my father earlier this month. Although he was 89, it has still been a sad time. My dad loved people. He loved to welcome, host, and entertain anyone from anywhere. At his memorial it was a great testament to see his mechanic, bank teller and neighbours as example of the impact he made in our world in addition to family and friends. What great inspiration amid tragedy. My father was a great beacon of joy and hope to all those he encountered.

It is with this light that I see the great work and ministry of our volunteer and staff team at OIM. We bring hope everyday to those needing it most. We bring joy and relief, even though it may be for just a little while.

As we are in the midst of the hottest time of the year, the Street Outreach, Door Outreach, Innercity Veterans Outreach and Support and Innercity Arts programs become integral in providing plenty of water, juice, meals, hats and groceries to help sustain our inner city neighbours. Hundreds have already been helped. In the midst of the rising food insecurity in Ottawa I see hope. Yes hope – hope that our street friends will survive – hope that friends like you care – and hope that OIM can be part of providing lifesaving aid.

It is what we do. It is who we are. Ottawa Innercity Ministries, especially during times of great need provides hope and help. So if you’ve already made a gift this summer to assist us in giving cool water, a meal, and personally assisting those most at risk, I am sincerely grateful. But if you haven’t had the chance—or your heart is moved to give again to reach those who are crying out for your help, please give now. Know your help gives hope in the heat!

~Cam – Manager of Fundraising

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