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Jesus the Homeless

Sculptor Timothy Schmalz created this beautiful bronze sculpture called, “Jesus the Homeless” that depicts Jesus as an outcast with gaping holes in his feet, sleeping on a bench.  It’s fitting as well that there is wet snow falling in the photo, slowly covering the thinly blanked Jesus, much like what we can see right here in Ottawa upon occasion.

The original story that went along with this photo was how the beautiful, although somewhat disturbing, sculpture was rejected by a couple of churches in the Toronto area due to possible controversy.   The sculptor remarked that it seemed sort of “ironic” and I agree.

It does make me wonder though, would “we” as individuals or churches, groups, schools, businesses, and so-on, would “we” reject this sculpture, knowing it was a sculpture of Jesus?  Would we reject this sculpture if it were of just some random homeless individual?  Would it matter?  Should it?

And what if it were not a sculpture but a real person, would we reject them than?  We need only look on our streets to see the answer to that one.

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