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Passing It On

Every Wednesday the Veterans group meets at our office. They enjoy time together playing cribbage, watching a video, chatting with each other and a having a chance to get to know each other better. Each week there is a constant chatter and laughter around the tables we put out.

Recently we had two new veterans join us. Very exciting. As I sat and chatted with them, I asked the usual question, “how did you hear about us?” Turns out, two of our regular attendees have been inviting them for weeks. They both decided to come and check us out. I could tell when they walked in they were nervous about coming. At the end of the group, both veterans left laughing, having had enjoyed themselves immensely. Both said they will be coming again as their schedules permit. How exciting is that!?

As Christians we are called to share the love of Christ with others. We do this by words, actions, and the joy that we have. These two veterans now present the optimal opportunity to let Christ shine into their lives by what they see when they come each week.

Who have you shown Christ to today? Let’s all make sure to pass it on every day!

~Elizabeth – IVOS Support

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