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Shane’s Story, Final Episode: Shane’s Christmas Wish

Shane’s Story is an eight episode blog post where Shane tells her story in her own words.  

Here is the final episode of Shane’s Story. Listen here!

Read Shane’s words below:

My Christmas wish for everybody panhandling, is that they won’t have to do that next year, that they’ll be somewhere better than that.

My Christmas wish for my family is for us all come together again.

My Christmas wish for my sister is I hope all the work she’s putting into her future, pays off.

I wish that people could see poor people and young people panhandling just as people, as someone just down on their luck  – really we’re just kids.

My Christmas wish for listeners and supporters of OIM is that they enjoy the work that they are helping to support, and see people getting better. Come on out to the art shows and meet the kids you are helping through this program.  Really, we’re just ids.

I hope that the art program keeps on going just like it is.

My Christmas hope is that OIM volunteers would be able to help other kids in the same way that they have helped me and so many before me. If every case was a success that would be really cool. Thanks for doing a good job and being there. For showing us what a friend really is, it makes such a difference!

I don’t even know if that is a wish (giggle).

Thank you for listening to Shane’s Story. If you are interested in helping street-engaged youth like Shane, consider making a donation by clicking HERE.

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