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Starting Something New!

Change is inevitable. Here at OIM, we are not excluded from change. Over the past couple of months, we have seen a couple of our long-time youth step away from being a part of our Work Skills Program for various reasons. To them, we wish them well and encourage them to keep in touch and let us know where life has taken them.

These departures have created room for new youth to join the team. As we welcome them, we are excited to see the changes in them. Each of our youth bring a unique style and comfort to the team. Today as I met with one such youth, the changes from two years ago are so impressive. I think back to when I first met him during an art class. He was quiet, kept to himself and hardly spoke. He was not part of the Work Skills Program at the time. Today, as I watched him walk into the building, it was as if he has done it every day since the first day we met. It was wonderful to watch the ease in which he anticipated the needs of the office and the way that he organized himself with supplies that would be required.

I am so proud of the way OIM has encouraged and supported each one of our youth since the beginning. More importantly, I am so proud of the way each youth that attends our facility has grown in confidence and enjoys being a part of the team. What an amazing work God is doing!

~Elizabeth, Office Administrator

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