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Unheard Voices

Volunteering and working with the homeless have made me more aware of the struggles of people living in extreme poverty and those who have nowhere to live. Learning about their struggles from their perspective has showed me how many have given up on their fight for change. They live day by day and turn to small pleasures that soothe their pain.

So many are unable to change their circumstances on their own. This is beyond them and they therefore have no hope at all for anything good to happen for them. What makes it even worse is that they get ignored, rejected, and robbed by many, with no ability to defend themselves. Once in the cycle, it is only God that can take them out.

But we can be a hand for God, by showing them kindness and praying on their behalf. The Street Outreach volunteers go out daily to search for them. We often notice that already after a few of those small well-meant conversations that don’t reject and ignore them, we see a little smile in which the strength to fight, starts to sparkle.

We pray that the sparkle turns into a bright ray - of hope and determination.

~Ellen Niekoop, Administrator

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