Extra, Extra…Read all about it!

If you haven’t already heard our Youth Outreach Worker was featured recently in a piece by a local journal.

The Ottawa Anglican Journal, CrossTalk, featured our Outrrach Worker Moira Davis in this month’s issue. You can read the piece on our Facebook Page or in the online version of the journal.

Here is a teaser to wet your whistle….


Moira Profile Photo 2013

If you came across her on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice Moira Davis. She can easily blend into the crowded sidewalks, or be seen whizzing by on her bike. That is, you probably wouldn’t notice Moira if you saw her as she goes about her day off the clock, but the four times a week she is on the streets working you couldn’t miss her in that bright red vest. …

heARTfelt Thursdays: Nursery Drawings

“Every artist was first an amateur.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Arylic - Elephant

Laura is a very quiet and intensely  shy person. She has recently started to come out of her shell more, but it is (and always has been) a struggle to connect with her. Her insular character means she responds bashfully to any compliment and will often undermine it. “I’m not that good.” “I traced it….” “I’m not an artist.”

Laura works with intense focus and develops beautiful little details in her work. Though she might not consider herself artistic she produces vibrant works with a child-like cheerfulness to them. She has a child, and you can see ask she works that she is creating pieces for them. Though she may not be a boundary-pusher or a conceptual designer she continues to create works that bring joy. Though they are often simple the are made with care and passion, and there is no doubt in the rest of the group’s mind–she is truly an artist.

heARTfelt Thursday: All in the Detail


Acrylic - White Tree on Black

This piece is called “Topsy-Turvy”, and has a very unique quality to it. Try imagine that you are looking at it upside down, or even try and move your head to the side and see it for yourself. Once the piece has been flipped and viewed upside down the imagine of the bare branches becomes a robust tree! Cara loves very detailed work, and uses a variety of small brushes to produce pieces such as the one above. One of the best gifts Cara received was a pair of magnifying glasses someone donated to P4Y so that she could really focus in on the delicate work she loves. Cara also paints a lot of darker pieces, she mixes her darker colours with reds and pinks but always seem to let these delicate rays of white shine brightly in her work. It is hard to look at Cara’s work and not imagine the interesting story behind it all.