OIM recognizes the power of prayer, as both a medium of praise and intercession. We encourage our supporters to pray daily for our ministry, and have created some helpful tools to keep you informed about our programs and prayers concerns.

Prayer Calendar

OIM has a monthly prayer calendar you can suscribe to online, or, if you prefer, receive by mail. This calendar will remind you of important OIM events, and share some prayer requests from street-friends, staff and volunteers. To subscribe to our electronic prayer calendar click here. To receive a copy in your regular mail e-mail our office or call us at 613-237-6031.

Keep Us in Mind

We would ask that as you pray for your loved ones, friends and community, you keep our organization and street-friends in mind. Specifically, please remember to pray for our weekly events:

  • Monday Staff Meetings –Staff gather to connect, pray, and plan OIM’s work
  • Tuesday Drop-In — We street friends to participate in numerous services
  • Wednesday and Thursday Stop-In — Street friends join staff and volunteers at our office for coffee and conversation
  • OIM’s Outreach teams that go out Sunday through Friday night — walking the streets, handing out sandwiches and connecting with people