Behind the Scenes

Volunteer Behind-The-Scenes

Not all people who care about people experiencing poverty and homelessness are able to do front-line work. If you do not feel called into front-line street ministry, but wish to get involved and volunteer behind the scenes, we know that you will find a special opportunity in the list below! Please note that each activity requires adult supervision (call our office for further details).

Volunteer spotlight - OIM

Volunteer Opportunities

Office Assistance
Be a special OIM office assistant by helping us fold, stuff, seal & address our monthly prayer calendars at our office or in the convenience of your home or church. You or your group may commit to once a month or once a year.

Be a special OIM baker by baking the dessert or your choice for our Tuesday drop-in. This can be done in the convenience of your home and dropped off at our office during the week.

Holiday Meals
Be a special meal provider for our holiday dinners (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) by cooking a turkey or sides or baked goods that will be enjoyed by our street friends.

Donation Pickups
Be an OIM volunteer driver by picking up and dropping off much-needed donations of clothing, food, household items, and more.

Donation Collection
Be a special OIM donation collector by coordinating donations from friends, family, co-workers or church groups. In exchange, one of our staff or dedicated volunteers can speak to your group about issues surrounding homelessness, share their stories, and tell how the supplies are used. For a list of suggested items to donate, see Build a Summer or Winter Street Survival Kit below.

Build a Summer or a Winter Street Survival Kit
Help the homeless by building a “Street Survival Kit” of your choice (winter or summer). In a large backpack or duffle bag, place the following items: sleeping bag (winter or summer), socks (summer or winter), dark touque (winter) and toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, razor, 3 pack of juice, nut-free chocolate bar, New Testament/Christian tract or bookmark, gift coupons for fast food, groceries, or coffee).

Prayer Walk
Participate in a prayer walk through Ottawa’s downtown core which provides a deeper understanding of homelessness in our city. We can accommodate groups of 4-20 adults. Youth may participate with adult supervision.

Volunteer Requirements

The following requirements are set out by OIM for all volunteer workers (exceptions made for special event volunteers):

  • Attend the Urban Intervention Training (UIT)
  • Complete a OIM Volunteer Application(will receive upon completion of UIT), including a police check form
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, a final interview will determine suitability for volunteering

Interested in learning more about volunteering or to begin your application  please e-mail Sarah at or call us at 613-237-6031.