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Why not host one of these fundraisers at your church.

Get all your friends involved, your youth group/young adults group OR even your class.

Bake Sale

Set up a table on a Sunday after church/at your school with a variety of baked goods. Decorate your table with signs, balloons etc. The more creative you get, the more fun it will be. Proceeds could  go towards our Innercity Arts

Car Wash

Church parking lots are GREAT places to host car washes. Get your youth group together, get supplies and get “a washin!” Who doesn’t want to get a nice clean car and feel good that proceeds are going towards Street Outreach!?.

Bottle Drive, Sock Drive OR Food Drive

Why not get all your friends together and have a competition of who can raise the most bottles of water or cans of food. Get other groups involved to make it even more fun. They will all be even more enthusiastic when they know that the supplies they are collecting are going towards stocking the shelves of Ottawa Innercity Ministries.

Garage Sale

Do you know lots of people with ALL kinds of stuff they are looking to get rid of? Well …. Why not host a garage sale! This is a GREAT way to give people an opportunity to throw out old stuff but also support a wonderful cause — helping Ottawa’s Homeless!

If you are looking for more ideas or ways to get your group involved please contact Jelica at