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Wish to make a difference? Join our volunteer team!


OIM runs in large part due to its volunteers. With only a handful of full-time staff we are still able to have services throughout the week. 

With over one hundred trained volunteers, we are able to offer a high-quality service to the street-engaged community. Our volunteers often tell us that they first get involved at OIM to help others. While this is true, they are often surprised at the countless number of ways in which they themselves feel blessed when they serve.


When you become an OIM volunteer, you become a blessing and you yourself feel blessed! Our street community will show you a new perspective, touch your heart in numerous ways and leave a lasting impact on you — we speak from experience! We look forward to hearing from you about what you can do to help!!


The following requirements are set out by OIM for all volunteers.

  • Attend our Street Engagement Training (SET), which is offered three times a year: winter, spring, and fall. 

  • This 6-session course will teach you about street culture, mental health, addictions, boundaries, practical interventions, the strength-based approach, and more!

  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form (given out after training), including a police check form

  • Upon completion of the above requirements, a final interview will determine suitability for volunteering

  • Interested in learning more about volunteering?

  • For our next training session, please email Brian at or give our office a call at 613-237-6031 


OIM offers a number of volunteer opportunities

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