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OIM Winter Weat image. We need warm clothing because our street friends need warm clothing. Donate today.


What is Winter Wear?


It's more than just clothing; it's a lifeline. Winter Wear is about providing warmth and hope to those facing the harsh realities of Ottawa's coldest nights with no place to call home. Every Thursday (in season) we open our doors from 12:30-2:30 and invite our Friends in to browse, try on and take away the winter clothing they so desperately need to get through our brutal winter.  After "shopping", they are invited to stay a little while and enjoy a hot chocolate, cookie and conversation with our compassionate volunteers.  This year, line-ups at the door have become particularly long ... 


Why Winter Wear Matters:

Winter in Ottawa has arrived.  Record numbers are already at our doors, facing the biting cold with no alternatives, no family, and no support. Ottawa Innercity Ministries (OIM) is stepping up to ensure everyone is dressed for our climate.  

How You Can Make a Difference:

Donate Gently Used Warm Clothing:

We urgently need sleeping bags, blankets, winter coats, mitts, and socks. Your simple act of donating can mean the difference between survival and despair.



Our Volunteers are Ready:
















Your Gift, Their Survival:


With numbers soaring, your help is critical. Every donation brings hope and survival to someone facing the freezing temperatures alone.


Donate Today. Be the Warmth in Someone's Winter.

A picture of OIM's Winter Wear volunteers.

As we see a surge in demand, our compassionate and dedicated team ensures swift delivery of your donations to those in need. Your support, coupled with our volunteers' commitment to coming alongside our Street Friends helps them brave the cold.

Be a Pillar of Support:

Your generosity speaks volumes. It shows that the people of Ottawa genuinely care, providing not just physical warmth but a sense of community for those who need it most.

Contact Sarah to learn more:


Phone: 613-237-6031

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