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A picture of OIM's volunteer walking the streets.
A picture of OIM's volunteers preparing to go out.
A picture of OIM's volunteers walking the streets.


OIM’s Street Outreach teams come to walk alongside the poor and homeless in the downtown core. Volunteer teams provide relief provisions, pastoral care, crisis intervention and referrals.

Street Outreach is the main component of OIM’s work. Through Street Outreach our trained volunteers meet men and women living on the street, create trusting relationships, and can work to filling both physical and personal needs. Each year OIM makes over 25,000 connections on the street in downtown Ottawa; approximately 2,500 of whom are youth.

The Red Vests of Street Outreach

If you see two or more people walking down the street wearing a bright red vest with the OIM logo on it then you have run into one of our mobile outreach teams! OIM’s Street Outreach volunteers are out meeting with people and handing out snacks and toiletries every day of the week.

When you see a Street Outreach team

Remember that the Outreach Team is out to connect with and serve Ottawa’s street community. If you or someone you may have seen need something don’t hesitate to wave them down.

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