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Build a “Street Survival Kit”

We are in need of donations all year round, not just during the cold winter months!

In fact, we generally give out over 100 pairs of socks and over 100 bottles of water every WEEK during the summer.

If you are looking for a group project or for a unique donation, putting together a Street Survival Kit is a great way to help our outreach teams make a great connection with people on the streets of our city AND it will bring practical help in positive ways!

Why do we include these specific items?

For those sleeping on the streets, receiving these items provides a real relief. All of the items we have chosen are based on the need our outreach workers see.

Do all items need to be new?

Ideally yes. We will accept good condition/gently used items like back packs, but try to imagine yourself as the recipient. We believe our street friends deserve good quality items that will keep them healthy and safe.

Does OIM give an entire kit to one person ?

If a street friend is in need of an entire kit, then we will absolutely give them one! But often times, our street friends may be in need of just a few items, so we will provide those instead.

How can I involve my church/youth group/Sunday school?

We are always excited to partner with any group that is interested in making Street Survival Kits. We are happy to provide your group with material outlining what is required to build a kit, bringing in a staff member to speak to your group, and offering alternatives to the full survival kit.

Here is a list of the components for a Winter Street Survival Kit

Summer_ Winter kit

If you need more information please contact our office at 613-237-6031 or

by e-mail