Stop- In


It is our mission to offer a safe, Christian environment in which people who are homeless and disadvantaged can share in building community to meet their spiritual, emotional, social, vocational, and physical needs


We provide services on a weekly basis that ensures continuity of care and offers the ability to respond to the ever increasing and challenging needs of the homeless community.


Volunteer Opportunities

Our weekly Recreational Group takes place at our Gladstone Avenue office.

Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
OIM Office 
391 Gladstone Avenue

Trained volunteers invite guest into the office for coffee, tea and treats. This is a time to connect, share conversation and address any additional needs, such as the need for a sleeping bag, pair of boots, or backpack.

Volunteer Requirements

The following requirements are set out by OIM for all volunteers:

  • Attend the Urban Intervention Training (UIT)
  • Complete a OIM Volunteer Application(will receive upon completion of UIT), including a police check form
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, a final interview will determine suitability for volunteering

Interested in learning more about volunteering?  Please contact Rick through email at  or give our office  a call at 613-237-6031