Street Outreach New

Mission of Street Outreach

The street outreach teams of OIM “come to walk alongside” people experiencing poverty and homelessness in the downtown core.

Vision of Street Outreach

We will be effective ambassadors for Christ in ministering to the wounded members of our inner city community and in helping each one function at their optimal level in society.

Outreach Collage


Volunteer Opportunities on Street Outreach

We have street outreach teams who go on to the streets throughout the week.

Evenings: Monday-Sunday
Days: Wednesdays

Our Outreach Teams go under bridges, to emergency shelters to help outside consistently loving, guiding, empowering and supporting those from our homeless street community. Volunteer teams provide:

  • Relief provisions
  • Personal care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referrals

Volunteer Requirements

The following requirements are set out by OIM for all Street Outreach team members:

  • Attend the Urban Intervention Training (UIT)
  • Have experience as an volunteer through our street outreach or drop in services
  • Complete a OIM Volunteer Application (will receive upon completion of UIT), including a police check form
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, a final interview will determine suitability for volunteering

Interested in learning more about volunteering?  Please contact Rick through email at  or give our office  a call at 613-237-6031