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What is P4Y?

  • The Passion for Youth Fine Arts Program provides a safe and supportive environment for Ottawa’s street-involved youth to engage in the arts community.

What do we believe?

  • We believe that every youth has unique strengths that can be built upon in order to produce lasting change. Through a Strength-Based Approach, youth are able to develop their strengths, gain self-esteem and build positive relationships with their community

What do we do at P4Y?

  • We share a meal together
  • We spend time doing visual arts and/or music. Participants are free to work on individual projects during this time.
  • We have monthly workshops and field trips
  • We have bi-annual art shows/art auctions

When and where is the program?

How can I join the program or refer someone to the program?

  • Emerging Artists Contact
    • Dana Cote, Youth Outreach Worker
    • 613-237-6031
    • dana_oim@rogers.com

How can I help/volunteer?

– follow this link

P4Y Gallery


Sculpture - Mermaid P4Y website

IMG_7796   IMG_7796
Sculpture - Mermaid
Sculpture - Mermaid

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