Charitable organization in Ottawa, ON dedicated to those affected by homelessness and poverty - utilizing biblical justice, social justice, and advocacy to promote change.

“I’m so glad you’re open today”

We had to close our drop-in for a few weeks this summer due to a scheduling conflict with the church we use. I missed seeing our regular drop-in guests, and I wondered if they missed the drop-in too. When Millie arrived our first week back, I knew the drop-in had been missed:  She walked into the drop-in – the blanket she was wrapped in was soaking wet, it’d been raining all morning. Her face was bruised, her eyes looked tired. She buried her head into my shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably. All I could make out from her muffled words were “I’m so glad you’re open today.” Once she calmed down, she told me what had happened. She’d recently been evicted from her apartment,... Read more

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