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A Bright Star at Night

I want to tell you about a friend who always lifts my spirits when we talk.

I have had the pleasure to come to know Bob, my friend, who has lived on the streets for a number of years. I count it a blessing that he will actually seek me out for conversation. I know that Bob lives in some pretty difficult circumstances as he carries his entire life on his back with the occasional reprieve when he can find a safe location to hide away his belongings. I have also come to learn some of the reasons he lives the life he lives.

We have had some very interesting conversations as Bob’s outlook or viewpoint on life is quite unique. Although he never gets angry or refuses to listen when I discuss Jesus and the topic of religion, even though he strongly opposes my faith. In fact, we could all take a lesson in manners and upbeat positive behaviour from him. The truth is, it warms my heart, knowing that despite some of the difficulties of Bob’s life, he still manages to show a smile, crack a joke and share something encouraging. Bob has, in our more intimate conversations, told me that he admits to having a very dark side, but most of the time he can push it aside and find a half full glass.

I am truly honoured to call him friend and always look forward to our chats.

-Rick, Staff

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