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Earthman Mytsery Solved

Earthman Mystery Solved

It’s been a long day with my alarm clock going off this morning at 5:45am. It’s Tuesday and I’m on my way into Ottawa for OIM’s drop-in. Tables and chairs are to be set up, coffee and tea made, juice, trays of bread ready for the toaster and a weekly favourite…peanut butter, lots of peanut butter, all before 10 am. We use whatever food is donated each week. Not a big crowd this morning but definitely some were grumpier than usual. Sure couldn’t blame the heat because it was a very comfortable sunny day.

I worked in the kitchen until lunch time and then after that set up the grocery bank items for those needing some food items. A little later I was talking to a few people in the foyer of the church building when a dark haired man walked past me. As he passed by I realized that it was Earthman! His hair and beard were cut shorter and he was wearing a suit coat. I mentioned his name and he responded with a nod. He didn’t come in for lunch but again for a bottle of shampoo. An Interesting man.

by Judy Scurr,Volunteer

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