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Housing Rights

This week at art group, a representative from the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) did a workshop with the youth. It was an engaging workshop which not only educated the youth on their housing rights, but also asked for their input when it came to educating others on their housing struggles.

Many of the youth shared their own experiences of when their housing rights were violated. Stories of landlords evicting them without grounds…demanding illegal fees….refusing to rent to them because they are on government assistance. It was disturbing to hear about how many of these youth have had their housing rights violated.

The presentation was enlightening to staff and volunteers as well. Each of the youth was asked to design a brick that had to do with housing rights. The youth wrote words like….equality, dignity, assumptions, barriers…..These bricks will be displayed on the CERA website. It is so awesome that CERA is there to support people’s housing rights!

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