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In The Attic

For the 9 years Innercity Arts has existed, we have been lucky to have been welcomed into several churches to run our program. First Dominion Chalmers – where the program began and grew. Then for years, we met in the attic of St. Peter and St. Pauls, where the program thrived. In that attic, there was a small room that was used as the music room. Young people would spend hours jamming together in that room, creating amazing music. One night after art group, one of our musicians (Dan) felt inspired and wrote a poem about creating music in the church attic. After he shared the poem with us, one of our artists (Eric) felt inspired to make a painting based on the poem. The result was an incredible image of youth making music above the church.

While we had to leave this amazing church attic due to renovations, we have been lucky to find temporary space at another church, St. Albans Church. And this poem still rings true. Wherever we go, no matter what the space, at Innercity Arts young people find community, create art, and make a joyful noise.

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