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Is It Enough?

There are days that are just too cold to want to go out. There are days that are too hot to go out. What do you do? It is human nature to try and protect ourselves.

We just had one of those cold days. -15C in Ottawa. Shortly after I got to work, we discovered a person had taken up a spot in front of our building and they weren’t there when I drove in. They were too cold to walk further. We explained that they couldn’t stay there as they would freeze. They were so confused that they couldn’t understand where the closest drop-in was located even though I was giving specific directions. Go there, get a free breakfast with coffee and warm up. Not moving. Now what?

This person, we’ll call Michael, used to come to OIM awhile ago as part of the youth program. This building was familiar to him. Where does one most often go when in trouble? Some place familiar and comforting.

There are days when some of us go to work as a mechanic, accountant, server in a restaurant, or wherever the place of work may be and wonder, “am I making a difference?” One person is helped and another takes their place. I’m sure many of us has had that thought at one time or another. Am I doing enough?

Today proves we are. Even though it has been ages since this person has come through our doors, we are still recognized as a safe and caring place to go to. Our Friends know we will do everything in our power to help in whatever way we can for everyone we meet. We can’t do everything, but we can do one thing and that is to let Christ’s light shine through us to those around us. By doing this at OIM, we show them we are a safe and welcoming place to come to when in time of trouble. They know we care.

Everyday we at OIM pray that we can help make a difference in just one life. Today we did that.

How did things turn out for Michael? Well, we called 911 and had an ambulance come and take him for assessment and make sure he hadn’t gotten frostbite and would be able to walk. When he went to get on the stretcher, he could hardly stand. That could have been due to a number of reasons, but we can all rest assured that we did everything we could to help Michael get stronger and better. For now, he is warm. Today, we did enough.

What are some of the ways to help? We are always calling out for sandwiches to that we pass out to those on the streets. Have any extra gloves, scarves, or heavy clothing to enable our Friends to be a little warmer? Like to come along side people? Lot's and lot's of ways to do this at OIM! Whatever we do with love in our hearts, it is enough.

Blessings !

~ Elizabeth, IVOS Support

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