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Sasha’s Story: Episode Five, The Birth of Hope

Sasha’s Story is an 8 part series running until December 24. To listen to the audio backgrounder from CHRI radio, click   Episode #5 Birth of Hope

I met Ken I think nine years ago: it must have been just before I was diagnosed with AIDS. Just at that time I first got off the streets into a place on Bronson. It was hard moving off the streets: I had to learn how to live, learn how to cook, learn how to clean, how to do all these different things, how to keep on going with my life. Now I have four cats and three birds, and my place is clean – you could eat off the floor.

It was after you came that I went on a retreat with Sue the outreach worker, and that was when I was baptized.  It was a big white church on a hill – I’d like to go back there some day.

I remember that I used to have your [Ken’s] cell phone number and I’d be pretty fried on drugs, but I’d call you and you’d listen and I could talk to you.

I remember once that I came to see you all upset and you offered me a juice – NO I said, I don’t want juice.  A coffee? – NO I said, I don’t want a coffee.  Then you said well just sit here a while and have a time out. And you sat down with me and you never said a word. You just sat there. We sat there for 15 or 20 minutes, and then I got up and went to the back and went to sleep.  When I got up, you had a sandwich for me and it was just full of everything! I was sick.  I was so sick then.

Question: Have you ever had opportunity to talk with a street-engaged person? How did that go?

Next Week: Sasha reveals her heart to help others as she reaches out to people on the streets.

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