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Thank You Dymon Storage

Today Dymon Storage brought us masks for staff and volunteers to use: not just any old masks, but high grade KN95 masks!

This generous gift will add another (significant) layer of protection as we continue to operate our front line agency in this second wave.

As you know, cloth and non-surgical masks protect people from you: KN95 masks do this of course, and they protect you as well!

With all the different strains of COVID happening these days, even as we are hopefully nearing the end of the lockdown in Ottawa, this will give volunteers and staff another ‘layer’ of protection.

OIM has met all the mandates of Ottawa Health, and even gone beyond the requirements to ensure that our staff, volunteers and guests are safe.

Life on the streets is difficult generally, and now the pandemic, and different strains of the virus, and the lockdown have exacerbated things significantly. Folks are more nervous, more stressed, lonelier and more isolated than ever.

I would like to invite you to send up a brief prayer for our clients when you think of it – most of all that they would know that there is Someone who really cares for each of them, and they would be able to see this great love and compassion through people who take risks in order to help.

Thanks so much for your interest and support!

~Ken, Executive Director

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