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The Power of the Gospel

This past week, I turned to my Bible app on my phone, and it showed John 3:16 as the ‘Verse of the Day’.

“For God so loved the world t

hat He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

In that moment the simplicity and depth and scope of this verse in the midst of our Covid-19 crisis burst forth.

Today the media is almost totally taken up with the pandemic, and it is always, always on my mind. And when I want to help more people somehow and yet feel so very limited – even useless – in this moment there is this breakthrough that God loves me. He cares for me.

God’s love might be the hardest thing to teach because it is so familiar. How old were you when you memorized John 3:16?

Yet, the power of the gospel, the clear message and demonstration of God’s love is absolutely the greatest news ever!

In a response to a zoom meeting just this morning, there was a link sent to everyone that said to ‘lift your spirit’. Here is that link:

Moved me to tears, encouraged my heart, and reinforced the comfort of John 3.16.

Have a listen. Be blessed. Share widely.


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